Fluency required or not


Fluency required or not

Fluency required or not

Hey everybody, in this Blog, I am going to talk about a very important topic which is fluency required or not in a language….today I have been searching all over the internet and you tube to get more and more information about fluency …..Why this is so so required when you talk?

Actually fluency is a word that keeps your confidence down because you are not that perfect when you speak in English or any other language as everyone tells you to be fluent only. This looks like a parameter that you need to achieve. Even if you can talk and understand English then also you don’t get that confidence of speaking in public just because you have heard always to be fluent.

In my research, from past few days I have been listening English content only. And this is what I have observed in English native speakers. Native speakers are those who use a language (Be it English) as a mother tongue. When they talk, they have a confidence of speaking and playing with different words. They can change sentence’s order according to their convenience and also use short sentences to express themselves. So you need to understand that a language is the way to express yourself in words.

Even when you speak your native language sometime, youforget the exact word and you express yourselves using some other word. You can also get stammered in your native language. Then question arises that why you cannot stuck or forget words in English language. Answer is that we have set this thing in our mind that fluency is so required. Even when you search on internet about English learning tips, you basically type “how to become fluent in English language”.

Fluency required or not

So do not follow any order and make corrections when you speak English in public. While speaking keep this thing in your mind that you know English very well and you can make people understand it. And if you think that you don’t know enough of speaking English language and you stuck in between again and again than Say this to yourself that “ I know English that why  I am talking and if I stuck somewhere it is happening because I am improving and getting new words day by  day.

I hope this topic has helped you guys a bit….stay tuned and keep improving…


I am a person who loves teaching the English language to people who thinks that it's a tough task to complete....well it's not. I can help you guys to make it so simple with some tips and tricks.

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