Improve Your English Fluency

Improve Your English Fluency

Improve Your English Fluency

Hey everybody, I am back again with some interestingtips for speaking in the English language. Today, I will make you aware of an important and unique tool that you may get so easy to improve your English fluency. If you have been practicing English so long and finding difficulties somewhere in the conversation, this tool is for you.

Google translator

Improve Your English Fluency

This is one of the easiest ways and quick language translators. The best thing about this translator is, it covers so many languages. Be it Hindi, English, French, Japanese, etc. For this, you need to type Google translator in your search bar. You will find boxes for language selection. In the first box, you have to select your native language, and in the other one, you need to select the language you want to learn. Now, this is the right time to keep this translator handy with you. The more you get into it, the more you will get new English language lines to speak.

How to practice

Improve Your English Fluency
As I have already suggested in my blogs, if you really want to learn the English language or any other language, you have to get yourself deep inside. The whole day and night, you have to use that language to communicate with others. You need to come out of your comfort zone. And if you find it difficult, here this Google translator comes to rescue. So I would suggest you speak the English language the whole day and pen down all those difficult lines that hinder your fluency. At that end of the day, just translate all those lines and practice for another day. By keep doing this, you will notice tremendous changes in your English fluency.  


Listen and Repeat

Improve Your English Fluency

Listen and repeat is one of my most favorite Exercises that I always try. This is the only reason I always suggest you all keep yourself surrounded by English speakers to learn new lines and words daily and use them all as per need. That’s how a child learns his/her native language. Without making extra efforts, a child starts making sentences like you because he only knows how to copy.

Learn Phrases rather than words

Improve Your English Fluency

When you are learning alanguage, you start with words, and then you jump into sentences. Here I would suggest to all English learners if you feel tired of learning from basic and think that you cannot remember all the grammar rules. The easiest way to start learning phrases rather than words. Keep a journal with you and start collecting phrases that can help you communicate and use Google translator somewhere.

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