Listening English Conversation

Listening English Conversation

Listening English Conversation

Hey you all, I hope you all are doing great and practicing enough English. If you are following, what I had discussed with you in my previous two blogs, you must be able to notice some beautiful changes in you.

Here we have done some severe changes in our daily routine in terms of speaking, reading, and writing. Today I am writing my 3rd blog and I are really excited to tell you something new and exciting. So we are going to devote today to listening only. As we all know that a language is a combination of watching, listening, and speaking. We are not way far from these things.

Listening Videos for beginners:

When we think about listening to a language, we have ample of things around us.Youtube:  English Listening material

Listening English Conversation

These days almost everybody has a mobile phone with youtube on it. Youtube is all about listening and watching and that too on your favorite topics. So I am requesting you to take some useful steps today. Go to your “YouTube” application and subscribe to a few subscribers who belong to your country but speak in English in their videos. This way, you will be able to understand their accent as they to your country only. You have to listen to them with attention in your spare time. Add this habit in your previous to-do list. Now you are responsible for reading books than writing notes in your own language, doing mirror practice for your vocal comfort as per word, and in the last listening English content on YOUTUBE.  

Television: Learn English by listening

Listening English Conversation

Apart from youtube, another option is also exciting. In this, you need to take a few English channels for your TV (television). This will also not let you get bore of trying a single thing the whole day. When I was learning English, this TV thing has helped me a lot because I am not phone savvy. So as per my experience, I would suggest you take two channels (*) Romedy Now (*) WB. These two channels show good and exciting content (Movies)on their channel, and the best thing is they show subtitles of movies which make it easy to understand. 

English speaking practice

So I would suggest you all follow these tips and leave the anxiety of speaking English behind. There is no way of learning English in just 5 minutes or 10 minutes. This is a language, so we need to make it part of our life. Only then will you feel comfortable with it.


Homework for today:

Watch your favorite English content on youtube and let me know in the comment section. SO that you could also motivate other people.

Listening English Conversation

Practice Lines For Today

Here I am writing a few lines which are related to your past. This is something that you have done in the past, and you are telling it now to somebody. If you don’t understand the meaning of these lines, you may use Google translator.

 I am only using of was/ were.

 HE/She/It – Was

 I/ We/ You/ They- Were

·      I was doing my work.

·        She was dancing in the room.

·         I was cooking food.

·        You were cycling yesterday.

·        You were not studying.

·        They were not practicing.

·        She was cleaning her room.

·         My father was reading a novel.

·         My parents were going to watch a movie.

·         You were not writing a journal.

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