Improve Vocabulary Via App

Improve Vocabulary Via App

Improve Vocabulary Via App

Here I am introducing a few very famous apps that can improve your vocabulary. claims to make use of refined algorithms to customize questions and workout routines only for you.

2. A Phrase (Best vocabulary app for (phone)

A Day Widget From the individuals who introduced you to Power Vocab, A Phrase A Day Widget places a brand new vocabulary phrase in your system's residence display daily. Android solely, however, for iOS, strive Phrase of the Day Widget.

3. 7 Little Phrases

This enables little vocabulary sport to provide you seven definitions and tiles with combos of two or three letters on them that it's essential to prepare into the seven phrases. You study as you slender down your decisions from phrases you do know to phrases you do not.

4. Phrase to Phrase (Vocabulary apps for students)

This intelligent phrase affiliation application gives you lists of phrases and challenges you to search out the connections between them. They might be synonyms or antonyms, associated phrases (comparable to "scurvy" and "liver") or parts in widespread phrases.

5. Phrases with Mates

This extremely profitable app from Zynga (the corporate behind Farmville) has been around for years and nonetheless appeals. (I am the latest convert myself.) The one option to win is to search out unusual phrases; Mates' phrases force you to study new phrases though not ones you are prone to discover on a GRE examination. Plus, it is an excellent option to keep in contact with distant mates. Obtainable for Home windows Telephone in addition to iOS and Android.

6. Penny Dell (Vocabulary app free download)

Crosswords Doing crosswords is an excellent way to extend your Vocabulary, and Penny Dell Crosswords gives a free everyday puzzle. However, there are different crossword app choices on the market, together with the venerable and challenging New York Occasions crosswords, when you're keen to pay for the subscription. Doing a crossword puzzle on a cellular system could be a lot extra interesting than doing one with a pencil or pen--no worries about illegible letters or having to erase an improper reply.

So decide an app, obtain it, and get enjoying it. Your Vocabulary can be more excellent earlier than you realize it.

How to improve Vocabulary quickly

Improve Vocabulary Via App

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing well. Today my topic is, How to improve Vocabulary quickly? This topic is beneficial for those who know the English language a bit and know how to do line formation in English. Here, I will be sharing a few tips with you to practice them correctly.

One New Word Every Day: (Build vocabulary quickly)

Improve Vocabulary Via App

Since we have been born, we keep so many words in our minds just to communicate with people around us. How this has been possible when we were children, we used to listen to daily few new words and keep them in our minds to quickly build vocabulary and repeat the whole day with our parents. So this is your first tip, learn daily one or two words, and try to use those words full day in your sentence formations.

Improve vocabulary by reading books

Improve Vocabulary Via App

Reading books, newspapers, articles are key drills (tools) that could help you in improving your Vocabulary every day. Find out your old collection of books that maybe you have studied in your school. You can also read articles based on your choice so that you may remember all new words. My suggestion is to make a list of all new words daily, practice them correctly. Do not make a list too long; it may get you confused. After making a list, if you feel that you are not using few words from them, cut it from the list.

Dairy writing:

Improve Vocabulary Via App

You are requested to do a "dairy writing" practice daily. Take a ten-day challenge, write something new every day, and not forget to add new vocabulary words in your line formation. Doing this, you will see an incredible change in Your Vocabulary.

Finding new words during the conversation:

Improve Vocabulary Via App

If you have someone to practice within the English language, you use your own Vocabulary, and if you find any new word that your friend is using, don't hesitate and ask him the explicit meaning of that particular word so that you could use the same next time. Now the question arises, why should we not get hesitant? The answer is you are already speaking the English language that means you are good enough to express, and it's just a matter of a single word that you might not have heard.

I hope I could add something new to your knowledge bank. Please comment ………..

For today you add this new word to your vocabulary list:

Dismal: Dismal means something very depressing.

Your performance in the test was dismal.


I am a person who loves teaching the English language to people who thinks that it's a tough task to complete....well it's not. I can help you guys to make it so simple with some tips and tricks.

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