How to speak in English during interview

How to speak in English during the interview

How to speak in English during the interview

Basic information about the interview

Hey everybody today, I have to something exciting that might help you in your bright future. Our today’s topic is how to speak in English during the interview. Everybody has this fear of job interview in them if they have not faced it yet. So let’s get started.

A job interview is something where you will always be asked for your qualities. The person sitting on the opposite side of the table wants to know everything about you, which is related to the job profile.

Apart from this, he would also judge you in terms of confidence and how do you present your answer to each question in front of him. One thing always remembers while facing interviews, you are a product, and you have to sell your qualities just like a shopkeeper do when you go for shopping. So this was the necessary information about the interview.

Some important tips and tricks for the interview:

How to speak in English during the interview

As this website is all about learning English skills and today’s, we are about to learn about speaking skills in the interview, so in this section, all my tips and trick will be related to preparing yourself in  English for discussion only. 
  • When you know you have a scheduled interview for you within the next two or three days, you should start doing a vital thing. Listen to English content as much as you can. This will make you more comfortable in front of the interviewer. Because we all know that he is going to speak in the English language only, surround yourself with English movies and English songs. I also have discussed in my previous blogs that how much it is this important to listen and speak English content; only then will your mind accept this and make you feel more comfortable.

How to speak in English during the interview

  • Ask small questions to yourself and answer them again and again and try to speak fluently in English. Observe yourself and make changes accordingly.
  • Read your resume correctly. You should keep everything in your mind, which is written in your resume.
  • Always be ready with your hobbies, likes, and dislikes. When the interviewer asks these questions, he/she is not merely interested in your likes or dislike. They are asking this question because they will relate it with your work profile. Let suppose you said I am not a travel lover, and you are applying for a marketing profile that means you are not suitable.
  • When you don’t know the correct answer to the question, never hide it because the interviewer already knows, so this time you should say I have no idea about this, but I am interested to know what is this exactly. That means you have to show that you are keen to learn new things.
  • Try to participate more and more in your interview. Don’t hesitate, be interactive.


How to speak in English during the interview

My Personal experience:  I am sharing my personal experience with you guys. I am a person who has been selected in all interviews without any fail. So one day, I went to a meeting, and when the interviewer was asking questions to me, I had no answer to any of those questions. I felt that he is going to reject me. So I tried not to sit quietly on my seat and started interacting with him, and little by little, I added my knowledge to the conversation. By doing this, the interviewer noticed that I have so much experience and new ideas, and I am also very confident. Still, I do not know about his project, so he selected me and said we would provide you training, and I know you will succeed. This is how I could crack that interview, so I just hope you could get some motivation or confidence from my experience.


Homework for today:

Here I am listing some fundamental questions related to the interview. You have to prepare the perfect answers to these questions.

        *   Introduce yourself or tell me about yourself.

        *   What is your greatest strength?

        *   What is your greatest weakness?

        *   How do you handle stress and pressure?

        *    Why do you want to leave your current job?

        *   Why should we hire you?

        *   What are your salary expectations?


              All the Best to all of you

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