English conversation is immensely significant Let’s learn how


English conversation is immensely significant Let’s learn how

English conversation is immensely significant Let’s learn how

Hey, everyone, this is my second post about "How can you improve your English step by step."

In my previous post, I discussed with you to add something new to your daily routine that could help you to improve. E.g., Book reading and write it down on paper regularly.

Once you feel that you have got good enough with book reading and writing. You also notice that now you have started processing English in your mind, then we are good to go to the next level.


 Mirror Practice: (learn basic level)

English conversation is immensely significant Let’s learn how

When we go outside and not try to talk publically in the English language here mirror practice comes to rescue. You know why this is so important because when we make eye contact with a person and we listen to him and when we try to say accordingly to him, we generally stuck. So you all need to have a mirror with you. You have to choose a general discussion that you find easy to discuss and talk about without fear of being judged by someone. In the beginning, you may opt for small and straightforward topics like:

1.     ·        Why do I like my dog so much?

2.     ·         How do I feel when I talk in English publically?

3.     ·         What do I really like about myself?

4.     ·         What is my daily routine?

5.     ·         What are my likes and dislikes?

6.     ·         What do I do in my spare time?

7.     ·         Who is my favorite actor and actress and why do I like them?

8.     ·         Say something good about your parents.

9.     ·         Recipe of your favorite dish.

10. ·         Which music I like the most and why?

Pick these topics one by one daily and stand in front of the mirror and start talking. You have to keep doing this practice regularly, and once you finish with the topics, start again from the beginning. This way, you will notice so many changes in your word selection and your way of talking.


  Don't forget Easy Spoken English

English conversation is immensely significant Let’s learn how

Here we have completed to practices. Firstly, you have to read books daily and write down on paper in your own language, and then you have to do mirror practice with these general topics.

I am giving these topics to you because you can relate to these subjects as totally basic.


 Here I am again giving you homework: Learn.

English at home

Today you have to talk about your last day's activities. The rule that you have to practice is

Subject+ verb (second form)+ Object e.g

Yesterday, I decided to go to the shopping center. At 11 o'clock I got there, after that, I brought a dress for me then I decided to watch a movie …………………………………………………so on.

Complete this paragraph according to you.


                        Practice section: Learn English for free

1.     I was eating.

2.    I was running.

3.    I was jumping.

4.    I was cooking.

5.    I was reading.

6.   They were shouting.

7.   They we're looking at me suspiciously.

8.   They were not present that day.

9.   They were not singling loudly.

10.  You were not dancing.

11.    You were not cleaning.

12.   You were not practicing.

13.   She was not dancing. Only I was dancing.

14.  He was driving very fast.

15.  He was not climbing.

16.  He was cooking food at his place.

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